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New on Psychology At Work…


Here are recent additions to the website as of 1-22-14…

Recommended Websites & Online Resources

  • Adult Development & Aging

Time lapse video of aging process–child to old age:

Time lapse of person over 90 years:

Funny prayer for the aging:

Facebook’s oldest user–105 years old:

  • Brain (Neuroscience)

The Brain–teaching modules from video series:

  • Intelligence

Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory:

Howard Gardner talks about multiple intelligence:

  • Learning & Memory (See also Training & Development)

TED–Working memory:

How to harness the power of habits–Charles Duhigg interview on NPR:

The Power of Habit–author Charles Duhigg interview on NBC Today show:

TED–Angela Lee Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania professor and MacArthur Fellowship winner, discusses her research on “grit” as the essential element of success:

  • Mental Health/Disorders

I had a black dog named depression–World Health Organization sponsored cartoon illustrating the experience of depression to commemorate World Mental Health Day:

  • Perception (Illusions), Judgment, Decision Making (Problem Solving), Cognitive Errors, & Critical Thinking

TED–How to spot a liar:

  • Psychology & Music

Explanation of musical performance anxiety and ways of coping (short student project–but good information):

  • Social Psychology & Group Dynamics

TED–Body language (how it can change how we see ourselves: “fake it until you become it”):

  • Stress & Coping

APA Stress survey–sources & affects on health:

Some Common Biases and Errors in Perception and Judgment and How We Can Guard Against Them

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