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Current Project: Handbook of Human Error

[This page is still under construction.]

I am currently working on a manuscript–tentatively entitled “Handbook of Human Error,” that will catalog (i.e., identify, describe, explain, and provide examples of) errors and biases in human perception and judgment (cognitive biases), and will provide suggestions for ways of guarding against these biases. These concepts are usually discussed in Social and Cognitive Psychology courses, but unfortunately the general public knows very little about their existence despite the fact that they impact our social interactions in major ways every day. The following resources are some of the materials that will be included in this project.

List of 35 ways we distort reality–common cognitive errors and biases (used as class handout)

Paper Presented to the Torch Club of Reading, PA, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Wyomissing, PA, October 17, 2013



  1. Mike Fleming says:

    I am trying to think of how the “what if” scenarios that run through many of our minds are categorized in your list of errors. How about “counterfactual thinking” and maybe “representative heuristic”?? Very interesting list of errors.

    • Sean Hensley says:

      “What if” scenarios are the action of counterfactual thinking. However, it also involves how those imagined experiences make you feel. Those positive or negative feelings can have an effect on the actual event that took place.

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