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Adult Development

 (This page is still under construction)



  • General Information on Development

Lesson on lifespan development:

  • Videos on Adult Development & Aging


Discovering Psychology Series–18–Maturing & Aging:


Physical Aging

Time lapse video of aging process–child to old age:

Time lapse of person over 90 years:


Research on Longevity & Suggestion for Extending Life

CNN Morgan Spurlock Inside Man series (season two), broadcast April 2014. Can people live forever? Likely advances in medical and computer technology in the next decade suggest that the human lifespan will be extended significantly, including possible virtual immortality: [searching for URL of program–to be added]

Living to 90 and Beyond, Pt. 1 — CBS 60 Minutes, May 4, 2014:

Living to 90 and Beyond, Pt. 2 — CBS 60 Minutes, May 4, 2014:


Stress & Coping

APA Stress survey–sources & affects on health:


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    Amazing. I bet Uncle Art would have some interesting tales to tell us.

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