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For 36 years I taught psychology at Penn State University Berks Campus, Reading, PA, and was a founder and Coordinator of the Applied Psychology Degree Program there. After retiring from full-time teaching in 2007, I taught part-time for nine years as an adjunct professor in the Organizational Behavior/Applied Psychology Adult Degree Completion Program at Albright College in Reading. During my 45-year professional career as a psychology professor, adviser, mentor, faculty leader, administrator, author, consultant, and social service agency volunteer (and most recently as a late-blooming musician), I have amassed an extensive library of educational resources, articles, demonstrations, and instructional materials related to psychology that students, colleagues, associates, and readers have found valuable.

This website is my depository of those collected materials, now easily accessible for anyone interested in–mostly notably in the areas of psychology I have taught: social, industrial/organizational, group dynamics, cognitive, health, adult development, and adjustment. I have also included materials from projects that I have recently completed and am currently working on.

I am now retired from college teaching, but my lifelong desire to educate and help others understand the most important and useful concepts in psychology has not diminished. I’m convinced that lives would be richer and the world would be a safer and more tranquil place if psychological literacy were universal. So I continue to add to this site new materials that I discover from online sources. Since 2014, I have curated a Psychology-at-Work Twitter feed,, following 65+ researchers, scholars, clinicians, consultants, and professional organizations in my specialty areas of applied psychology. Based on my evaluation of the validity, usefulness, and relevance of the many posts I review every day, I choose one or more short articles to publish for my followers on Twitter and on my Psychology-at-Work page on Facebook,, sometimes adding my own comments. This is valuable educational information that followers can apply to home, health, work, school, and relationships. I invite you to follow my regular Psychology-at-Work postings on Twitter, Facebook, as well as Pinterest,–where I catalog interesting and provocative graphic materials related to psychology.

I will be updating, revising, and adding resources regularly to this website–so please check back frequently to see what is new. I am grateful for the suggestions and feedback I receive from site visitors, and will try to continually improve this site.

I hope you will find material here useful for a psychology course you might be taking or in your personal and professional growth and development–knowledge that will enrich your life and the groups/organizations you are a part of. If so, please leave a comment and suggestions for additional content.

Best wishes,

Henry O. Patterson, Ph.D.

December, 2020



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