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During my 44-year professional career as a psychology professor, adviser, mentor, faculty leader, administrator, author, consultant, and social service agency volunteer (and most recently as a late-blooming musician), I have amassed a core of resources, articles, demonstrations, and educational materials related to psychology that I find highly valuable.

This website is my depository of those collected materials, now easily accessible for my students, colleagues, clients, associates, and anyone interested in applying psychology–notably social, industrial/organizational, and cognitive psychology, and group dynamics–to everyday life. I have also included materials from projects that I have recently completed and am currently working on.

New materials I discover are added almost daily. Most notably, my regular postings on Twitter are listed here as is the link to my Pinterest site where I catalog interesting and provocative graphic materials related to psychology. I invite you to follow Psychology-at-Work both on Twitter and Pinterest.

I will be updating, revising, and adding resources regularly to this website–so please check back frequently to see what is new. I am grateful for the suggestions and feedback I receive from students, associates, and visitors, and will try to continually improve this site.

I hope you will find material here useful for a psychology course you might be taking or in your personal and professional growth and development. If so, please leave a comment and suggestions for additional content.

Best wishes,

Henry O. Patterson, Ph.D.


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